Make A Wonderful Day Song

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Has a song brought tears of happiness to you or someone you love? We believe that Music can Change the world! Help spread the message: "Music can move you and fill you with joy!" learn what you can do and how to get involved...

Make A Wonderful Day Song

The Studio Experience

This is a hands-on experience to unleash creativity, and build self-esteem as students work together to create songs the whole school can call their own. Write it, record it, sing it!


Our Mission is to Bring Joy and Healing Energy of Music to the World to make it a Better Place

Are you ready to find out how to get involved?

Help spread the message: "Music can move you and fill you with joy!"
Has a song brought tears of happiness to you or someone you love?
We believe that Music can Change the world!

The Idea

Make a Wonderful Day® (The project name and our theme song) is all about spreading the message that; "Your Life and the lives of every one around you can be made better by focusing on what is positive and wonderful in the world"

Music is one of the most powerful unifying forces between nations.

The world’s heart is broken from all the problems we face. Yet, there are many reasons to be hopeful. More and more people and organizations are dedicating themselves to heal what needs repair throughout countries and corporations. In fact, there are now over one million organizations working on solutions for issues threatening our planet.

Differences in culture, political ideology and race disappear when people sing together. Literally, they merge as one voice to become part of a global family. It enables people to create friendships based on mutual understanding and respect that cultivates caring and understanding for one another and the planet.

This is what we wish to accomplish through the Make a Wonderful Day® project.

The dream of “a wonderful day”…a world where each person cherishes and appreciates it and one where the world lives in harmony….a dream within reach, for we can do anything when we work side by side towards the same end.

The Make a Wonderful Day project encourages people to consciously make the choice to see the good in each day and therefore make it a wonderful day for themselves and others around them - the message that all of us are responsible for making the world a better place.

I invite you to join in and make the world a wonderful place. I believe then “miracles will happen”.

We will have a world where people sing and smile more and are truly happy.

A world where people open their hearts and purposely go out of their way to do nice things for others; a world where people look for the good in each day and think about the words they say. A world where people learn to live each moment of each day, remember to take time to play, and create special memories on their way.

This project prompts people to cultivate the wonders found within themselves and to be inspired to work together to build this better world. People’s hearts and souls are opened and their lives enriched. It helps transform individual and community attitudes, and expands capacities for love, hope and charity and one of friendship, compassion, tolerance, respect, and peaceful reconciliation.

The Make a Wonderful Day project helps people find ways to make their day a wonderful one in hopes that it will provide opportunities for them to lead by their own example and help others to do the same.

The mission is, through music, to open the hearts of people everywhere to what is possible if we come together as one family to make a better world.

I believe this quote by Warren Harbeck sums it up with his definition of Community.
“A community is a group of people who sing the same song”.

Let this be that song. One Song - One World.